Our Relationship with Advisors

Greater Cincinnati Foundation thanks the many professional advisors who help their clients with their charitable goals.

Foundation Advisory Network

Foundation Advisory Network 

The Foundation Advisory Network (FAN) serves as a volunteer advisory committee in designing, implementing, and evaluating GCF's strategy and tactics for outreach to local professional advisors. We thank them for their service.

Robert E. Brant
Katz Teller

Robert W. Buechner
Buechner, Haffer, Meyers & Koenig

Christine A. Buttress

Michael W. Clark, CPA

Cassady Schiller CPA & Advisors

David A. Foster

Foster & Motley

Jennifer T Leonard

Leonard Law P.S.C.

P. Trent Lucas
Legacy Financial Advisors

William F. Lyon
The Lyon Group, LLC

William M. McCarthy
FTB Financial Services/UBS

William L. Montague

Frost Brown Todd LLC

T. Stephen Phillips

Porter Wright Morris & Arthur

Courtney Reitman-Deinlein


Mary L. Rust


Kenneth L. Schlachter, CFA

Bartlett & Co.

Jami Vallandingham

VonLehman & Company

H. Patrick Weber

Barrett & Weber

Advisor Recognition

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation gratefully acknowledges the efforts of the following professional advisors who contribute to the good work of the Foundation by referring clients recently.

Jeff Aylor, Lape and Aylor

William Bahl, Bahl & Gaynor, Inc.

Scott Barbee, Truepoint Inc.

Bruce Berno, Berno Financial Management

Joel Brant, Katz Teller

Robert E. Brant, Katz Teller

Thomas J. Breed, Wood & Lamping LLP

Jay Brinker, Law Office of Jay Brinker

Diane B. Brunn, Thompson Hine, LLP

Robert Buechner, Buechner Haffer Meyers Koenig Co. LPA

Robert Bult, FTB Financial Services

Molly Buquo, FTB Financial Services

Anne Burney, Lenox Wealth Management

Christopher Bush, Fifth Third

Chirstine Buttress, Graydon Head

J. Aaron Byrd, Frost, Brown, Todd, LLC

Catherine Cannon, Cannon Wealth Management

Dennis  M. Carson, Dennis M. Carson Co., LPA

Scott Cengia, FTB Financial Services

Michael Clark, Cassaday Schiller CPAS & Advisors

Amy A. Commins, The Evelo/Singer/Sullivan Group, Merrill Lynch

Stephen Dallas, Dallas & Turner, PLLC

Jeffrey E. Daniher, CTFA, Ritter Daniher Financial Advisory, LLC

David DeVita, Dinsmore & Shohl

Allison Doll, Merrill Lynch

Kelley Downing, Bartlett & Co.

Tim Dumont, FTB Financial Services

Alan Eichner, Eichner Investment Planning

David W. Ellis III, The Ellis Group, UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Sharon Elliston, Ziegler & Schneider, P.S.C.

Janie Evans, Cassaday Schiller CPAS & Advisors

David A. Foster, Foster & Motley, Inc.

Tim Foster, The Foster Group, Merrill Lynch

Jan M. Frankel, Wood Lamping, LLP

Jenny Franta, Fifth Third Bank

Thomas M. Gaier, Robbins, Kelly, Patterson & Tucker

Kathleen Galligan

Scott E. Grosser, Scott E. Grosser, PSC Certified Public Accountants

Scott Gruner, UBS Financial Services

Lucas P. Hail, Foster & Motley, Inc.

Joel Handorf, Graystone Consulting

Daniel Hass, River Hills Group, Merrill Lynch

Jeremy Haydon, Frost Brown Todd LLC

Mary J. Healy, Dinsmore

Denice Hertlein

Daniel J. Hoffheimer, Taft, Stettinius & Hollister, LLP

Jon Hoffheimer, Attorney at Law

Tricia M. Johnson, EY

Casey Jones, RiverPoint Capital Management

Howard Kaplan, Kaplan, Litwin, Kaplan & Associates

Bill Keating, Jr., Keating, Muething & Klekamp, PLL

Fred Keith, Keith and Associates PLLC

William Kelleher, PNC

Chris Kiley, Retirement Corporation of America

Emerson T. Knowles, River Hills Group, Merrill Lynch

Margaret G. Kubicki, Keating, Muething & Klekamp, PLL

Tom Lalley, John D. Dovich & Associates

John Lame, Lenox Wealth Management

Jay Lange, Lange, Quill & Powers, P.L.C.

Patricia Laub, Frost Brown Todd LLC

Sheryl M. Linne

Scott Litwin, Kaplan, Litwin, Kaplan & Associates

Tony Luckhardt, Foster & Motley, Inc.

Keith Lum, The Ellis Group, UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Crofford Macklin, Thompson Hine, LLP

Whitney B. Maxon, Katz Teller

William McCarthy, FTB Financial Services

Bernie McKay, Frost Brown Todd LLC

Kyle McLaughlin, The McLaughlin Wealth Management Group,
Morgan Stanley

Anne Lame Megerle, Lenox Wealth Management

Donald Mendelsohn, Thompson Hine, LLP

Douglas A. Meyer, Brixey & Meyer

Michael Miller, Fifth Third Bank

William L. Montague, Esq., Frost Brown Todd LLC

Mark Motley, Foster & Motley

Valerie Newell, RiverPoint Capital Management

Chelsea Nichols, The McLaughlin Wealth Management Group, Morgan Stanley

David Nienaber, Foster & Motley, Inc

Claire Parish, Keating, Muething & Klekamp, PLL

Mark Patterson, Robbins, Kelly, Paterson & Tucker

Alexandra Ollinger, Truepoint Inc.

David Osborn, Osborn, Rohs, Williams & Donohoe, LLC

Mary Ann Pietromonaco, Morgan Stanley

Nick Puncer, Bahl & Gaynor, Inc.

Thomas M. Regan, CFP

Michael J. Riley, Esq., Law Office of Michael J. Riley

Joseph P. Rouse, Keating Muething and Klekamp PLL

Thomas J. Ruberg, VonLehman CPA & Advisory Firm

Mary Rust, Taft

Vincent Salinas

David Singer, The Evelo/Singer/Sullivan Group, Merrill Lynch

Paul Sittenfeld

Paul Staubach, Foster & Motley, Inc.

Donna Sterwerf, Oxford Financial Group

Johnathan Thornberry, Baird

Daniel L. Torbeck, FTB Financial Services

Robert F. Uhrig, Clark, Schaefer, Hackett & Co.

Courtney M. Weber, Truepoint, Inc.

H. Patrick Weber, Barrett & Weber, LPA

John Whedon, FTB Financial Services

David Wilder, Financial Management Group, Inc.

Luke Wiley, UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Kelly L. Wittich, FTB Financial Services

Deren Worell

Brad Zapp

Bridge Builder Award

Since its inception, Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF)  has had the privilege of working with many professionals, including estate planners, financial advisors, insurance professionals and others, who connect their charitably-inclined clients with GCF’s resources.

Our professional advisory community supports the Foundation through its participation on volunteer committees, as well as in their work with their clients on charitable gift planning. In any given year as much as two-thirds of GCF's new donor relationships are because of the recommendation of a trusted advisor.

In 2009, GCF created the Bridge Builder Award, to be given each year to a professional advisor who has been a champion for our community and a supporter of the Foundation in multiple ways over many years.

2019 - Bartlett Wealth Management 

2018 - Mary Rust, Taft/

2017 - Denice Hertlein 

2016 - David W. Ellis III, UBS Financial Services

2015 - Patricia D. Laub, Frost Brown Todd LLC

2014 - Foster & Motley, Inc.

2013 - FTB Financial Services

2012 - John Lame, Lenox Wealth Management

2011 - William Montague, Frost Brown Todd LLC

2010 - Christine A. Buttress, Graydon Head

2009 - Bob Brant, Katz, Teller, Brant, & Hild and Paul Sittenfeld, Robert W. Baird & Co.


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