Opportunities to Engage

The Women’s Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation has been accomplishing a lot of great work in the community. 

You might be surprised to find out we only have a staff of six people - a mixture of full-time and part-time employees who are dedicated to this movement. How do we make things happen? We leverage our work through volunteers who contribute their energy, time and wisdom to amplify our mission.  

We really value our volunteers, so we laid ground rules about our volunteer program:

We know that you are busy. 

Volunteering should bring you joy and make you feel worthwhile and fulfilled. It should not stress you out and you certainly shouldn’t feel like you’re dragging around a weight. We’re super-excited you want to spend some of your valuable free time helping us. So, we promise to only meet when we have something important to discuss or do. No light agendas here. And we strive to make our committee work flexible. If April is a busy time at your job or you coach your son’s soccer team in the fall – let us know. We have a range of options to fit your level of time and commitment. 

We promise to make it fun. 

We work on difficult and sometimes downright depressing issues in our community. It’s hard for us not to get depressed when we read new reports on poverty. But our work is a marathon, not a sprint and if we don’t stay upbeat and keep our committee work fun, we’ll never make an impact at all. We take our work very seriously, but that doesn’t mean it is all work and no play. We have a lot of fun working together and we enjoy the challenge of solving these big complex problems. Sometimes that’s accomplished over a plate of cupcakes. 

You are helping the Women’s Fund and we want to help you!

The people involved in The Women’s Fund are smart, helpful and connected. Every volunteer we have can tell you about someone they’ve met through The Women’s Fund who has become a friend, colleague, mentor, client or collaborator. We want you to have the same experience. We’ll introduce you to people we think you’ll want to know and help connect you with projects that will stretch your development. We know that making these connections makes good things happen for our community. And we think it’s good karma for the Women’s Fund, too. 

Now that you know a little bit about our philosophy, here are the project teams we are recruiting for: 

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee addresses issues that impact women’s self-sufficiency including researching policies, educating legislators and raising grassroots awareness for our work. 

Corporate Committee

The Corporate Committee partners with companies to share best practices to attract, retain and encourage women in the workplace to reach their full potential. 

Development Committee

The Women’s Fund is a non-profit organization and we rely on the generosity of hundreds of donors – individuals, companies and foundations- to invest in our work. The Development Committee creates a strategy and executes a plan to invite, cultivate and retain supporters. 

Engagement Committee

The Engagement committee is responsible for getting the word out about the Women’s Fund and inviting new people to get involved through planning events and engaging people on social media. 

Research Committee

The official research for The Women’s Fund is conducted by the Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati, but our research committee plays an important role by scanning the national landscape looking for new trends and studies that may impact and inform the work of the Women’s Fund.  

Interested in joining our movement?

Contact Kate Tepe at 513-768-6172 or by email to learn more about our teams and sign up! 


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