Appointed helps build civic boards and commissions that reflect the populations they serve.

Connecting Qualified Women to Civic Boards

Appointed, a non-partisan initiative, identifies opportunities for women to serve on civic boards and commissions, and empowers them to seek a seat at the table. We provide support and training opportunities, and are a resource available to connect elected officials to interested board candidates.   

What is a Civic Board?

We believe women should be equally represented in all leadership positions, but Appointed is about increasing the number of women on civic boards. Civic boards are public entities in which members are appointed by a government entity, usually an elected official. The appointed members are volunteers, doing a public service for their community. There are a few exceptions, but most civic board positions are unpaid.  

Reflecting Our Community

We believe civic leadership should reflect the communities they serve. Women represent 51% of the population in the Cincinnati region but hold less than one-third of civic board seats, and 32% of our civic boards have no female representation at all. Across our region, women of color are even more deeply underrepresented. 

Why It Matters

Female leaders make a difference. Diverse boards and groups use better governance practices and make better decisions. They also get results; research shows that corporate boards with more gender and racial diversity have better financial performance. 

But women don’t always raise their hands. Women are less confident in their ability to lead, and think they are missing the knowledge and expertise needed to serve. They believe they won’t be asked, and usually they aren’t. 

Appointed offers the tools to overcome these barriers. Together, we will build civic boards and commissions that are more effective, inclusive and deliver better results for our region. Read our white paper Gender Diversity of Boards and Commissions to learn more.  

Your Voice Makes a Difference

The value of this project is in the diversity of its participants. We are actively seeking women from all backgrounds,

reflecting our entire community.

That means you!
Do you ride the bus to work? Do you have young kids who like to play outside? Do you work in the medical field? You’re already an expert on public transportation, our park systems, or health care. There’s a board for that! All of your experiences are assets. Seek an appointment, and you can use your voice to drive solutions, develop a network, and give back to the community.

Raise Your Hand.

Signing up only takes 5 minutes!

Sign Up. Tell us about yourself. Complete a quick online form, so we can capture your background info and interests.
Get Informed. Through training sessions, events, and online resources, you will have the chance to learn more about civic boards and obtain the skills and knowledge to confidently serve.
Get Connected. As vacancies arise, we will connect you with opportunities matching your interests and encourage you to apply. We will also keep you informed about other board vacancies around the region.
Tell Your Friends! We want our civic boards to reflect our entire community. We need you to help us grow our pool of marvelously brazen candidates. Spread the word!





Please Note…

The goal of Appointed is to increase the pool of candidates for civic boards. The Women’s Fund does not make appointments. Participating in Appointed does not guarantee that you will be recommended for a specific board position, or that you will be appointed to a board. A separate candidate application will be required before being considered for any board position, according to the parameters set by the appointing government body.




Appointed was inspired by The Appointments Project™ of the Women's Foundation of Greater Kansas City. A special thanks to the Women's Foundation for blazing the trail!


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