Our Focus

The Women’s Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation leads our community in ensuring the economic self-sufficiency of women in our region and ignites a shared desire to improve it. 

We are passionate about creating systemic change that positively affects women and their families. We do this through leadership, groundbreaking research, and investing in projects that improve self-sufficiency. 

Always at the table, The Women’s Fund provides a strong voice for women in our community. We bring together community members and decision makers from government, non-profits and the business community so we can solve big community problems faster.  

Starting with the original PULSE Study in 2005, The Women’s Fund has issued twelve studies on the status of women and girls in our community. This research helps us clarify the challenges, educate our leaders and gives us a road map of what issues to tackle first. 

We’ve also granted nearly $1 million to empower women and girls in our eight-county service area.  

The Issues

Women are disproportionately affected by poverty. They tend to hold jobs in low-paying sectors and tend to bear greater responsibility for child care in their family. 

Women's Fund Focus Areas

There are ten broad factors that affect a woman’s ability to be self-sufficient (commonly defined as 250% of the Federal Poverty Level or about $40,000 a year for a family of three.) 

Although we realize these areas are connected and interdependent. we focus our efforts on four areas.

While many single mothers work, a majority of them make a wage that is insufficient to meet their family’s basic needs. 

According to the Jobs and Gender Outlook report released by The Women’s Fund in 2014 (and prepared by the UC Economics Center): In 2020, 4 out of every 7 women in Greater Cincinnati are predicted to work in occupations with a median wage that is inadequate to support a woman with one child without public assistance. 



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