Investing In Our Community

Greater Cincinnati Foundation’s goal is to build a more prosperous region where more people can thrive. As your community foundation, we are committed to connecting and supporting, inspiring and innovating and thinking big!  

Our role is also to align the goals for donors, past and present, with community needs and to champion greater giving to support projects, initiatives and organizations who make our region even greater. When this happens, we all rise together.

How we invest in our region 

Through the GCF permanent endowment, made possible by generations of individuals who love our community, we are able to invest time and resources to address long-standing issues and emerging concerns. Find out how grantmaking is changing at Greater Cincinnati Foundation.

As we look at the current needs of the community, we’re providing strategic leadership and a focus on two critical areas:

All-In Cincinnati

We’re excited to lead All-In Cincinnati, an initiative to develop growth equitable strategies to achieve broad economic inclusion. Partnering with the nationally recognized PolicyLink, All-In Cincinnati will develop a concrete plan to identify and advocate for regional policy to create conditions that benefit everyone, especially people in low-income communities and communities of color.

Read more about this work with All-In Cincinnati

Women’s Upward Mobility

Building off the powerful research of The Women’s Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, we are focused on developing solutions and funding to help families, especially single women of color, be more successful. We know that when we invest in women, this means progress for all families. All families in our community need good jobs, affordable housing, effective child care and they need each other and strong networks. 

Because of this focus, GCF has made our first, deep, concentrated investment to address significant issues in our region with Family Independence Initiative (FII). FII brings a new approach to empower people with financial and social capital to lift themselves out of poverty. 

Read more about our investment with Family Independence Initiative.

Tools we use to invest in Greater Cincinnati

Because of the generosity of donors, we can invest in our community using a variety of approaches:  

You can help

You can be part of building a more prosperous Greater Cincinnati region. When you contribute in any amount to our Community Fund, you are investing in a region where everyone can thrive. 

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