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Greater Cincinnati Foundation has created a centralized inquiry portal to provide clear and comprehensive guidance on potential support. 

As your community foundation, we are committed to connecting people with purpose, supporting our community and encouraging collaboration and innovation. We value nonprofits, local leaders, donors and other stakeholders as vital partners in our work and have a deep commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We invite you to consider partnering with us on the journey to a community where everyone can thrive. The inquiry is not a formal funding request. We will reply to your inquiry within 30 days.

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If you believe your work is aligned to a funding cycle currently accepting applications, please submit a formal application through our grants management system. The inquiry form is not a required step in the application process and timing of response does not always align with application deadlines.

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If you are with an organization that is not a nonprofit and would like to partner with us, contact us at

Emergency Needs

If your organization has an extremely urgent need where service is interrupted, please call Rickell Howard Smith, Director, Community Strategies, at 513-241-2880, to discuss your situation. For other non-emergency requests, submit an inquiry.

Greater Cincinnati Foundation defines a funding emergency as an immediate need for funding to avoid total stop of services of basic needs to vulnerable people.

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