Helen Steiner Rice Fund of GCF

Beginning as a young child and continuing throughout her life, Helen Steiner Rice loved to write thoughtful and inspirational verse.

Helen Steiner RiceAs the “poet laureate of inspirational verse,” Mrs. Rice’s expressions reflected a deep faith and genuine desire to offer encouragement and healing to those in need of support.

Important Information for Grantseekers

Helen Steiner Rice Fund of GCF is no longer accepting grant inquiries.

While the formal conversion date is January 2, 2016, February 16, 2015 was the final Letter of Inquiry deadline for the Foundation as a stand-alone entity with a separate application. 

Moving forward, Rice funds will be awarded through the Community Grant Process

My organization received past funding from this fund. What do I need to do now?

  1. Review GCF's Investment Framework, including our Theories of Change, to see if your project aligns with GCF's investment priorities. 
  2. Submit your grant inquiry by following the steps as outlined in our Community Grants Process guidelines. 
  3. See our Frequently Asked Questions about GCF Grants.

How will the dollars from this fund continue to be invested in the community?

The Helen Steiner Rice Fund's historic priority for basic needs and emergency services continues to match GCF's focus area in Economic Opportunity, which invests in organizations to ensure individuals’ and families’ basic needs for food, clothing, transportation, and shelter. 

This fund’s priority for serving low-income elders is evident within the Health & Wellness focus area, specifically removing barriers to increase access to health care and services and improving social and emotional well-being. While this strategy does not name elders as target constituency, the Framework guides investments that support wellness throughout the community as a whole and GCF will continue to honor Mrs. Rice’s original wishes. 

About this Fund

During Mrs. Rice’s final years, she created a charitable foundation. She believed these resources could continue to give both inspiration and assistance to those in need, even after her death.

To advise her in this pursuit, she chose several long-time friends as Foundation Trustees: Donald E. Weston, Eugene P. Ruelhmann and Andrea Cornett. When Helen Steiner Rice passed in 1981, her Foundation was well-positioned to act on her wishes and preserve a strong legacy of generosity. 

In 2005, the Trustees of The Helen Steiner Rice Foundation selected The Greater Cincinnati Foundation to manage their grantmaking activities. They also established that after ten years the Helen Steiner Rice Foundation would become a restricted fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation. Over the decade, her Foundation awarded over $4.5 million dollars in grants to programs assisting the needy and elderly throughout our region.

Intellectual Property Requests 

For inquiries regarding intellectual property requests of Helen Steiner Rice, contact
Christine Engels, Helen Steiner Rice Archivist
Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal
1301 Western Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45203

Lorain County Requests

Helen Steiner Rice was born in Lorain County, Ohio and organizations in Lorain are eligible for support. For those inquiries, contact:
Linda Styer, Senior Program Officer
Community Foundation of Lorain County
Send email
9080 Leavitt Road
Elyria, OH 44035


720 E. Pete Rose Way,
Suite 120
Cincinnati, OH 45202


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