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Procter & Gamble Charitable Giving

The Procter & Gamble Company, headquartered in Cincinnati, partners with Greater Cincinnati Foundation for its corporate charitable giving. GCF handles the day-to-day administration, and P&G oversees all philanthropic and funding strategies as well as recommendations for all funding.

P&G Charitable Giving Funds:

Select funds can accept credit card contributions using the secure form on each fund page. Click on the link above to go each fund's donation page. You may also contribute P&G stock or other assets.

The P&G Fund

P&G Philippine ChildrenThe P&G Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation provides funding for philanthropic activities and programs, with particular emphasis on bringing P&G’s corporate social responsibility strategy to life in P&G communities around the world.

Through our social responsibility programs, P&G is leveraging the company’s core competencies to address critical social needs, such as those outlined in the United Nations Millennium Goals which are focused on housing and sanitation as well as child and maternal health. Each year, more than 50 million people around the world benefit from programs like Pampers’ UNICEF partnership, the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water program, a partnership with Habitat for Humanity International and our response to those affected by natural disasters.

P&GWant to Apply for a Grant?

Information on how to apply for a grant from the P&G Family of Funds is available at P&G's website. Greater Cincinnati Foundation does not accept grant applications for these funds.


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