P&G Alumni Foundation Fund

The P&G Alumni Foundation Fund helps create opportunities. By supporting projects and programs that economically empower individuals in need, those served can achieve greater financial independence and economic well-being for themselves, their families and their communities around the world.

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P&G Alums have been instilled with a belief that working for a company with a global footprint is more than just an opportunity and a privilege, but also a responsibility. It’s a responsibility to help those who haven’t been given the same opportunities that we have and a responsibility to economically empower those who have never been empowered.

The P&G Alumni Foundation Fund invests in programming that contributes toward sustainable employment opportunities including:

  • Job skills development & vocational training
  • Business-related skills education & training
  • Entrepreneurial or business ventures viable in local communities

Unique to our grant-making is that P&G Alumni must be actively and meaningfully involved with the charitable organizations, which receive grants from the P&G Alumni Foundation Fund. To date, we have granted over $1.3 million to nonprofits spanning five continents and more than 25 countries. Learn more about our 2019 Grant Recipients and the P&G Alumni who volunteer with these organizations.

Help create more opportunities for the many people needing to feel empowered . . . needing their opportunity, by completing the secure donation form below to make an online donation via credit card. To donate stock or make a donation another way, see Ways to Contribute to the P&G Alumni Foundation Fund.

Learn more about the P&G Alumni Network, the P&G Alumni Foundation, and how to apply for a grant. Grant applications meeting the guidelines for this fund are welcomed and must be provided directly to the P&G Alumni Foundation for consideration.

For contributions exceeding $10,000, please contact Marianne Iyer.

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All contributions, once accepted by GCF's Governing Board, represent an irrevocable contribution to Greater Cincinnati Foundation and are not refundable. Please note that credit card transactions carry a fee. This fee will be deducted from the gift amount and the net proceeds will be added to the fund. Your tax deduction will still be the gross amount of the gift. Please consult your tax advisor regarding tax deductibility.

Procter & Gamble and P&G are trade names of The Procter & Gamble Company and are used pursuant to an agreement with The Procter & Gamble Company.  P&G Alumni Network is an independent organization apart from The Procter & Gamble Company.


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