Your Donor and Private Foundation Services Staff

Find out more about your Donor and Private Foundation Services staff at the Greater Cincinnati Foundation. If you are unsure of whom to contact, you can call GCF's main line at 513-241-2880 or email us.

GCF Giving Strategies Group Staff

Lori Beiler
Senior Grants Manager
(513) 768-6145
Colleen McCarthy Blair
Senior Director, Donor Services
(513) 768-6134
Michele Carey, CAP®
Director, Professional Advisor Relations
(513) 768-6171
Lisa Davis Roberts
Senior Program Officer, Private Foundation Services
(513) 768-6113
Ellen M. Katz
(513) 768-6110
Robert Killins, Jr., CAP®
Director, Special Initiatives
(513) 768-6151
Phillip P. Lanham, CAP®
Chief Philanthropy Officer
(513) 768-6155
Jamie Lydenberg
Donor Services Associate
(513) 768-6135
Laura S. Menge, CAP®
Sr. Philanthropic Advisor
(513) 768-6170
Mary R. Pitcairn
Philanthropic Advisor
(513) 768-6138
Venita Turner
Donor Services Associate
(513) 768-6162
Felicia Zakem, CAP®
Sr. Philanthropic Advisor
(513) 768-6158


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Suite 120
Cincinnati, OH 45202


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