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Step 2: Involve Your Family

If you can engage your family in thoughtful philanthropy during your lifetime, you will achieve a meaningful legacy. Passing on your charitable values to the next generation can create a bond between all family members.

You can uncover shared values among the multiple generations of your family through facilitated activities and conversations. By developing shared plans, you can create a comprehensive giving process that creates a family legacy in the truest sense. 

Giving with your family can provide many benefits:

  • Instill family values and traditions
  • Maintain family ties
  • Deepen social consciousness
  • Increase personal fulfillment
  • Develop skills, knowledge and awareness

Some may find honest communication about existing and emerging values challenging at first. Ultimately, the effort can be rewarding for all. 

5 tools to explore your family legacy 

For some families, an outside facilitator is helpful. If you are interested in a facilitated conversation with your family, a staff member with the Greater Cincinnati Foundation may be able to help. Contact a member of the Giving Strategies Team or call 513-241-2880.

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