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Step 3: Create a Giving Plan

Now that you have identified your charitable passion, it’s time to consider creating a customized giving plan that fits your values and interests. 

What are your current giving habits?

First, you will need to identify your current giving habits. To start, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does your charitable giving reflect the issues and values you care about? 
  2. Do you choose to give based more on your heart (emotionally) or from your head (rationally)? 
  3. How does your spouse (if applicable) give? 

Analyze Your Giving History 

Write down all the gifts you have made over the past year and indicate the purpose of the gift and why you gave. 

Possible reasons why donors may give: 

  • You are the recipient of the services of the organization
  • You are a volunteer, board member or staff member
  • You know people at the organization
  • You know people who’ve been served or helped by the organization 
  • You know other donors
  • You have learned about the organization through direct mail, family, friends, colleagues or the media

Reaction, Obligation or Passion?

On your worksheet, indicate whether the gift was made as:

  • A reaction to an ask
  • A fulfillment of an obligation or out of loyalty
  • Out of passion for the cause or organization

The 50/30/20 Rule

Experts recommend an annual giving plan be made with the following proportions:

  • 50% resulting from one’s passion
  • 30% stemming from loyalty/obligation
  • 20% reacting to an unplanned request

In addition to your financial support, consider how your gifts of time and talent can also follow these proportions.

If you are interested in exploring these tools with a staff member with the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, contact a member of the Giving Strategies Team or call 513-241-2880.

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